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Editorial policy of the Nordic Studies bibliography

Disclaimer : the bibliography runs on a voluntary basis, and is enriched by the researchers connected to the Nordic Studies submitting their references and/or papers. As such it is neither comprehensive nor retrospective.


What are Nordic Studies ?

Nordic studies is an umbrella term for research focusing on the nordic spaces in the fields of literature and humanities. As such, STEM fields are outside their scope.


What would you look for in the Nordic Studies bibliography ?

Mainly bibliographical references, and, when possible, papers in full text :


Since when ?

The bibliography is not retrospective : its first surveys took place in 2019, but previously published contributions are welcome.


Who can contribute ?


How to contribute ?

Just add the "ETUDES-NORDIQUES" keyword (without inverted commas ; syntax should be strictly respected) in the appropriate field when you fill out the deposit form, including or not full text.